Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Break Day #2: Lunch Fail

The day started out with a simple plan: do work.  And for most of the morning, that's what we did, worked.  Then, around 1:30ish The Legend im'd Mr. Trizzle and soon there was a massive group g-chat about all getting lunch together.

Basic plan as we left the hotel: get SassyCarrot from the Del Norte BART station near the hotel then pick up The Legend at his house and go to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant.

Change in plans #1:  As we were headed to the BART station, another one of Mr. Trizzle's friends who had been involved in the massive g-chat but seemed not to want to get out of bed called.  She was waiting for the bus with one of her friends to come along after all.  After various phone conversations, Mr. Trizzle and The Legend got them directions to the restaurant.  All good.

Change in plans #2:  Mr. Trizzle, SassyCarrot, The Legend and I rolled up to the designated restaurant.  It was closed!  The bus girls were called and given instructions to get off the bus at the El Cerrito Plaza BART station bus stop.  We headed over there to pick them up, and on the way The Legend suggested a different Vietnamese restaurant on San Pablo.

Change in plans #3: The bus girls got off at the El Cerrito Plaza stop instead of the El Cerrito Plaza BART station stop.  After some more phone calls, we arranged to meet them in front of Ross.  After a successful pick-up and some squishing in the back seat (yay for shotgun!), we headed to the Vietnamese Restaurant.

Change in plans #4: We found parking near the restaurant on San Pablo and headed to the door.  Closed again!  As we tried to enter, the waiter told us they were closing now and would re-open in an hour and a half.  We headed towards downtown Berkeley, throwing around suggestions the whole way.  Eventually, it was decided we would try the Vietnamese place on Shattuck next to the movie theater.

Change in plans #5: After circling a few blocks several times we gave up on finding parking and decided to find something else.  We decided to head up to a Chinese place on University, a few blocks up.

Change in plans #6:  As we headed to find parking near the Chinese place, one of the bus girls commented that there was another Vietnamese place just 2 blocks from there.  We decided to park by the Chinese place and walk down to the Vietnamese place.

Change in plans #7: It was closed.  So what did we do?  Did we walk back 2 blocks to go to the Chinese restaurant?  Nope.  We walked four blocks the opposite direction to go back to the Vietnamese restaurant by the movie theater.  They were open and we finally got to eat.

After lunch, we split up.  Most of the group was much closer to their homes than where they had all bused and BARTed to in the beginning.  What an afternoon.


Jeannie said...

soooo - this lunch sounds like it was eaten at almost supper time - I would have been starving by then!

goldenrail said...

oh, I know better. I ate lunch before we left, at lunch time ;)