Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break Day #9: The End of My Trip

But Mommy, I don't wanna go back!

Low key day, last minute things in the Bay.  Went to Top Dog today to get a veggie dog since I hadn't been there yet this trip.  That was the first place Mr. Trizzle took me when I first came with him to Berkeley in 2007.  It was well after midnight, and we'd been driving across the country for 3 days.  Yummy veggie dogg hit the spot.  You'd think with a great first impression like that, I'd like Berkeley more.  Oh well.

Second stop was a clothing shop down the street.  There was this great hoodie I wanted to get for Munchkinhead.  It didn't come in anything smaller than a Large.  In case you couldn't tell by her name, Munchkinhead is not even close to a large.  Sadness, no hoodie.

Last stop for the day, Mr. Trizzle's house in the Berkeley hills.  I don't know what it is about that place, but being there always makes me a bit disgruntled and rather depressed about being in California in general.  I wound up back at the hotel missing Wisconsin more than ever and wanting to hug my mommy.  But I didn't hug my mommy; instead, I bought bubble gum, ba-oompa-oompa bubble gum.  Actually, I worked on my paper for most of the evening.  Mr. Trizzle worked on job applications.

The Contra Costa Country DA's office notified everyone to expect to be laid off at the end of April.  The Board of Supervisors is cutting the office's budget so much, they'll have to lay off 33 attorneys.  That includes the entire misdemeanor department.  You know what that means?  Everything at Target will be free!  (As long as you only take it in batches that total under $400 each time.)  I keep hoping the DA is frontin' to try and scare the Board.  Mr. Trizzle's pretty sure his job is gone, so he's looking everywhere in the state.  When he looked at the jobs in LA, I said, "yay, we can move to Torrance."  He said,"what's that?"  Guess not...

Tomorrow, it's back to the Ville.  S'psd to be in the 70's all week; that'll be nice.


MaryRuth said...

LOL! You should totally move to Torrance! But LA is nice too.
Yesterday, I was walking past that recording studio I told you about....and there was a dude and a chick trying to get inside. Maybe I saw a famous rapper and didn't know it!

Jeannie said...

I heard about the cuts in CA and was wondering if Mr Trizzle's job was going to get cut. Good luck to him!