Monday, January 19, 2009

Bye Bye Braidies

my braids out (6)

That is not a wig.  That is what happens to my hair when the braids come out.  No more cornrows; great sadness, funny pictures.

I get really sad when I take my braids out.  I like them; they make life easier in so many ways.  Now it's back to shampoo, brushes and continually having to prove myself.  Unpacked my combs and brushes, discovered I don't have any conditioner, and was rudely reminded how much wet hair sucks in the winter.  Boo.

mini beehiveI did have fun playing with it before that though, made a cute mini-beehive and enjoyed the fluffiness.  Kinda wish I could wear it super fluffy, just for a day or two.  Maybe I'll drag out those tiny sponge rollers sometime and re-create the fluffiness.






          look this way


Wendy said...

why did you take the braids out?

goldenrail said...

They weren't looking nice anymore. They'd been in for about 5 weeks and my hair had grown a lot in that span. A few of them were coming out on their own at the top of the braids and there was lots of hair that was no longer in a braid.

munckinhead said...

it kindof looks like my hair when brushed out

goldenrail said...

A bit, yeah, but mine's more kinky than curly and yours, even brushed out, still looks curly - curly and poofy! Main difference: I don't look like Daddy. :P

munckinhead said...