Friday, January 9, 2009

Lightbulb goes "Bing!"

If you asked my mommy for one piece of advice in dealing with me, she would say "don't give goldenrail any ideas."  I will take them and run with them, and the next thing you know, there's army men all over your house or strange snowmen on your lawn.

Well, this little piece of advice didn't get to my International Intellectual Property professor.  A conversation in class yesterday went something like this:

Student:  What assignment do we have for tomorrow's class?

Professor:  Nothing.  I don't assign readings during the first week.  We're going back to 19th Century Europe tomorrow.  You can dress in period costume if you want.

Of course, he was totally kidding, but how could I pass up an opportunity like that?!

Day 4Here I am, ready for school.

In reality, we're dealing with late 19th century Europe, but I didn't feel like wearing a corset today.  So I opted for an early 19th century outfit, my onion Pride&Prejudice dress!

I had to fix the dress last night before I could wear it.  Another of the seams had come undone.   That was the easy fix.  Then, there were some fairly large holes on the side of the skirt.  I had noticed them in Nigeria, but decided to save the fix 'til I got home.  I have no idea where the holes came from.  They looked like a mouse got hungry or battery acid leaked from somewhere.

To fix the dress, I took apart the side seams and cut off a strip down the side with the holes, cutting off the holes.  The seam itself had been very large, several inches.  That was good.  When I relined the fabric, I put my new edge of the former hole-y part against the old edge of the good side and stitched a narrower, normal 5/8" seam.  There was enough material in the old seam to almost completely make up the difference for the material I had to cut off.  Dress looks fine now.  And I'm a happy little camper,  well... except that my white tights keep falling down.


munckinhead said...

how did your professor and classmates like it?

Jeannie said...

At least daddy can't break the snowmen in two and throw them in the garbage. You didn't answer munckinhead's question - any comments from the class or prof?

goldenrail said...

I didn't answer Katrina's question before you posted because you only posted 5 minutes after her!
And nobody thought it at all unusual.