Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gobble Gobble

It wasn't me, but someone did get a turkey tonight.

We're back in the wonderful world of cheese, all three of us.  Monday night is the highly anticipated Metallica concert.  Alfred got in on Thursday; Munchkinhead and I arrived today.  This evening we went bowling with old friends: Smokey the Grrrr, his sidekick and The Great Ecclestone, actor extrodinare.  The turkey was all Ecclestone.

My high was only 126.  Definitely not my best.  My average was higher than that before I left Nashville, but I haven't bowled much since then.  (It's really expensive in Cali and Nigeria, and now, my bowling partner's moved away.  Come back Mr. Trizzle!)  However, I did have one really cool thing tonight.  I won ten dollars!  Orange head pin is special.  Get a strike, spin the wheel.  I got an orange head pin.  I got a strike.  I got to spin the wheel.  I got $10.  That was pretty good since nearly every other slot on the wheel is $1.  $50 is the highest, but if you get $50, you get to spin again, so you can win up to $100.

Oh, and randomly, I just happened to be wearing my lucky bowling shirt.  Light blue with dark blue bowling ball, "This is How I Roll," it says.


MaryRuth said...

What? no photos? !?
Have fun at the concert and remember your ear protection!

goldenrail said...

Tried, camera wouldn't work. :(