Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now Where Was I?

I'm trying to work on my moral character application for the bar exam.  Everyone knows it's a nightmare.  It also seems to be a test in memory skills, detective-style investigating and understanding how we remember things.

For my application (every state is different), I have to list every place I've lived in the past 8 years, full street addresses, where I actually was, not my permanent address.  Oh fun.  So far I'm up to 15 addresses.  If we can figure out where I was during the summer of 2001, it might be more.  The best one is trying to put a "street address" for my village in Zambia.  Maybe I can just give each house on the compound a number the way we used to give the bedrooms at home "addresses."

I called my mommy for help, "Mommy, where was I during the summer of 2001?"  "I don't know!"  "But you're my mommy; you're supposed to know where I am!"  It was interesting how we tried to figure it out.  Where was I working, who was I dating, where did the family go on vacation, when did we paint that room, which exchange students were around... etc.  It really sort of shows you what's important to you, what you remember and what you don't.  (Or what you've already had to look up a gazillion times in the past few years, like where you worked.)

We didn't figure it out.  As of now, I'm still awol 7 1/2 years ago.  But, we did come up with some ideas.  And, Mommy reminded me of some really fun things I hadn't thought about in awhile, like painting the sewing room together and our Mega Vacation around Lake Michigan.  Maybe I'll wear my t-shirt this week....

Mega Vacation T

(we each had one)


Jennifer said...

If it helps any the summer of 2001 was the summer right before my wedding. So I am going to assume you were living on cmapus taking summer classes?!! Hope that hepled a little.

goldenrail said...

Thanks dear, we've pretty much got it narrowed down to I was either on campus for summer classes or home or some combination of both.