Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am So Fortunate!

Why?  Because I have an amazing family that loves me? 

Yes, but besides that...

Because I have wonderful friends who believe in me and drive me to be better? 

Yes, but besides that...

Because I have a great place to live with a warm squishy bed?

Yes, but besides that...

I happen to be at Vanderbilt at just the right time.  A year later or a year earlier, and things would be radically different.

The school's been going through a lot of changes and they are all playing out in my favor.   I was at Vandy early enough to still have the great professors teaching their classes, Thomas McCoy for Constitutional Law, Suzanna Sherry for Civil Procedure, Jeffrey Schoenblum for Wills and Trusts.  And now the school's added a new International IP professor and a lot of new IP courses. 

But get this, they've added so many new classes that they can't teach all the standards anymore.  No Copyright class this year!  Instead, they offered an IP overview class in the fall, which (I believe) then precludes a person from taking Copyright, Trademarks and maybe even Patents, on their own.  These are BIG subjects and, I think, important to give each their own time.  (Students can't really pass on the overview and wait for the full-length classes because then they can't take the classes that require IP Overview or Copyright as prerequisites.)

And, if I had met Kunle from the Nigerian Copyright Commission at the beginning of my first or third year instead of my second, I wouldn't have been able to do the internship I did at the NCC last semester.

On top of that, it turns out that if I was here in the fall I might not be able to take most of the classes I'm in this semester.  Why?  Because there was an Advanced Copyright seminar that I probably would have taken, and it overlaps too much with some of my current courses for students to be allowed to take both.

So you see, everything's exactly right.  God works in amazing ways; He really put me in the right place at the right time.  The stars are aligned for me to be an IP attorney.  And I'm not at all worried about moving to California without a job.  I'll get a great job.  Where I'll be, it'll find me; it won't be able to help bumping into me. ;)

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Jeannie said...

Of course you are! You're the golden child! :D You worked hard for what you got, too. Don't forget that!