Thursday, January 1, 2009

Look Ma, We're Twins!

Today Munchkinhead and I finished our matching jumpers.  Actually, Munchkinhead finished hers yesterday, but she had Mommy's help.  Other than that little bit of help from Mommy (with the buttons), we each sewed our own jumper. 

I brought the material back from Nigeria and Munchkinhead found this great pattern in Mommy's boxes of patterns.  It's from sometime in the mid- to late- '70s.  It can be a jumper or a sun dress.  Mommy said she had one of each; she liked the pattern a lot.

It was a good find on Munchkinhead's part; the jumpers are adorable!

two cute jumpers

Don't worry, I won't actually wear mine with a pink shirt.  That's just the shirt I was wearing when it was time to try on the jumpers.











back of the jumpers

Here's a close up of the back.  Munchkinhead picked out some  really cute (and probably almost as old as the pattern) buttons with bling in them, but you can't really see them in the picture.


MaryRuth said...

You guys have so much talent--those are awesome dresses. I love the fabric. Hurry summer!
I got some bad news last week....sewing class is cancelled YET AGAIN for lack of sign-ups. I even told the lady at the school I'd try to make up the difference $$ that they need to have the class. Oh well, I guess I have to break down and get a machine. Do you have a suggestion for a semi-decent portable?

goldenrail said...

Awww, that sucks that your class was canceled again :(
I'm still at the stage where I have to go with economy over portability. While I do love my Singer 7462, and it does have a handle, it's not super portable. Mommy, however, has a nice portable that she uses when she goes to quilting club at church. Maybe she can get you some information on it.

Jeannie said...

I have a White Quilt N Sew that's a nice portable - comes with a self-case that doubles as an extension bed. It can be used for regular fashion sewing as well as quilts. It was pretty inexpensive, too.

MaryRuth said...

Thanks ladies!
What I like most about the class is the camaraderie--it is really more like girls night out.