Thursday, January 8, 2009

Would You Take a Look at Those Welts!

I'm making a suit for Mr. Trizzle and just finished the back pockets.  Wow.  It only took me two tries to make them, much less than the uncountable number of tries it took last time. 

The only reason it took two tries was because I accidentally sewed the pocket on backwards.  Ironically, this made the final pocket the way the instructions said because I had intended to sew the pocket on the opposite way so that the softer wrong-side of the fabric would be on the inside.  Oh well.  I couldn't switch it because I'd already slashed the pocket openings so I had to take the pocket facing piece off and sew it on the other side.

Just look at those beauties!  They're A LOT better than last time.  (Although it's not really fair to compare them in the pictures because the new ones are still whipstitched shut until I finish assembling the pants.)

two pockets Two pockets

 one pocket

Close up of One Pocket

back pockets Last Time


MaryRuth said...

that looks like some really nice material!
coincidentally, another blog I read just posted about welt pockets (is it in the air or what?!?)

it is on the jan 5 post

goldenrail said...

Must be the season for welts. Thanks for sharing spatgirl's blog. Her pockets are really amazing.

(...I swear your avitar's eyes just moved... freaky.)