Thursday, September 25, 2008

Afraid of My Own Shadow

Fading off to sleep, my eyes did that sort of half flutter where you're almost awake again, but not quite.  What I saw during that flutter startled me and sent my heart racing. 

Cast against the backdrop of the sliver of light coming in from the bathroom window was a tall shadow.  Alarmed, I tried to force my eyes open again.  But my lids were heavy; I couldn't see who or what was there.  How did they get in my room?! Panicking, I moved to jump out of bed.

foo foo croppedWhen I moved, the shadow did, too.  It was the little bunny, Foo Foo, that I had been holding on my chest.  In my half-awake stupor, I had no depth perception.  The rabbit's ears appeared to be a tall, dark figure standing in front of the bathroom door, not a little stuffed rabbit only a foot or so from my face.

I really need to stop waking up like this!  It can't be good for my heart.

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Anonymous said...

heeeheeheee foofoo! heehe...... hes just a little bunny