Friday, September 26, 2008

CHS Geeks Reunite at Metallica Concert!

Great headline isn't it.  I didn't come up with it, that was all Nelson.  And while I think I'm offended, he may be right.

We have the valedictorian (now an engineer), a doctor, a paleontology grad student, a law student, a violinist/actor and then the little undergrad sophomore.  She doesn't quite fit in that description.  But we love her anyway.

From 6 states, to one city.  Our home town.  Why?  Why not.  (Ok, there are reasons, but I like that one better.)  It's months away, 4 and half of them, but I'm super excited.  It's gonna rock!

Of course it is, it's Metallica!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i didnt really fit the last around either, oh well! ^>^

MaryRuth said...

you went to cudahay? my old BF went there. and Metallica is gonna be there? wow. small world.

goldenrail said...

^>^: actually, you were the one that started walking around singing "plan-e-tarium" to the tune of "Welcome Home." That should count as geeky enough.
MR: I did, we all did. I'm surprised you knew that from CHS; there are other schools in the area with the same acronym. That's crazy you're old bf went there; really is a small world.
Technically, Metallica is playing at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, but that's close enough to still be home.