Wednesday, September 24, 2008


That's my motto for Africa.  Whenever I'm starting to get really frustrated, or have no idea what's going on, I think "what would Timmy do?"  Timmy, or Ba Tim, or Mr. Timmy, or Ba Luyando, was my BOMA buddy in Zambia.  He had this amazing way of dealing with anything.  The entire town, village, heck, probably the entire province, loved him because he always had time for everyone, was never rude and could make anyone laugh.

Sometimes, my wwtd works pretty well.  Like when random people come into my office at work and start playing with things on my desk.  What would Timmy do?  Smile, nod while saying "ooOOoohh," humor them, and above all, be very polite.  And then after the people leave, put everything on the desk back where it belongs.  Or when people ask annoying questions, I just laugh and try to say something funny instead of answering the question.

But sometimes, the what would Timmy do philosophy doesn't work so well.  For example, I was tired of being inside and wanted to do something fun (back when I was at Flat 007).  I thought "what would Timmy do?"  Answer: he would go outside and play futball with those kids running around out back.  That wasn't going to work; I was wearing a dress, and I don't know how to play futball.  Nor did I have a futball.

And there are a few times where I just refuse to do what Timmy would do.  Like when people ask me if I could marry a Nigerian.  I think about all the times people would ask Timmy if he'd like a Zambian wife.  I'm afraid if I told them "yes!, can you find me one?" they'd take me seriously.  Timmy's still got girls pining after him in Zambia, nearly three years after he left Monze!

But in general, the what would Timmy do philosophy works pretty well.  And it helps me keep smiling and stay nice.

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