Monday, September 29, 2008

Only in Africa

We are currently in the middle of a five-day weekend.  I'm not even sure, does that still count as a weekend? 

Wednesday is Nigeria's Independence Day, 48 years.  Today and tomorrow are some sort of Muslim holiday that I know nothing about.  So, what do Nigerian's do with their long Independence-day weekend?  Why, have a picnic in the park, of course!

A large group of kids and mothers met at Millennium park.  Dara and Feyi's dad and Uncle Tubsosu came, too.  We had ice cream, potato chips (crisps), sandwiches and juice.  There were plenty of games, hoola hoops, bouncy balls and toys.  We unrolled our straw mats under the tree, relaxed in the shade, played in the sun, and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  Of course, that tree being nearby, you know where I went...aurelia in tree 1   And for those who are curious, yes, I was wearing 5" heels.

One of the first activities of the day was a racing game.  team obama and team mccain lined up for racesThe group split into teams.  I took pictures.  One team started doing cheers and then the team leader declared to the other team, "We are Team Obama.  We're the smart ones.  You can be McCain."

Ah, the Obamacans are out again.  But wait, there's more.  Later,  after a lunch break, the group decided to play a game called "Catchy McCain."  Yes, that McCain.  It's a copycat game.  I'm not sure what this exactly says about McCain, but I know the general feeling is Africa for Obama.  My guess is this is a common game with  a new name, but I really don't know much about it.

After Catchy McCain, it was time to pack up and head home.  This all took much longer than it needed to despite the urgency created by a nearby group of teenagers launching firecrackers.  Then a huge construction truck came through the park with 6 grown men in the front seat of the cab.  Anytime I almost forget I'm in Africa....  Oh well, it was a very nice day!

dara relaxing on her mommy


MaryRuth said...

The Muslim holiday is the ending of Ramadan. (Today is Rosh Hashanah).
What a beautiful park! How come it seems really empty except for your group? Looks like a fun day.

goldenrail said...

Thanks MR. That makes sense; I know people were fasting this month. I didn't know Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah were related in some way. Of course, I also used to think Rosh Hashanah was a Girl Scout Holiday, so what do I know!

There reason it looks like we're the only ones at the park is because the park is VERY big. There were lots of other groups around.