Thursday, September 4, 2008

From Netherfield to Pemberley

No, there's no Mr. Darcy. But at least I'm away from the condescension and cattiness of the Bingley sisters.

I moved today from Flat 007. I'd only been there two weeks, but it seemed far too long. The girls there were very nice in taking me in and helping me out until I could get settled in Abuja, but it was time for them to have their space back.

This new place is unlike anywhere I've ever lived before. It's got to be a mansion. There are three floors and seven bedrooms! Three of the rooms are self-contained, enter from the outside style. The maid has one, I'm in another, and I think there's a driver or something in the third. The rooms inside belong to the master of the house and his wife, their two daughters, the wife's sister-in-law, and another guy that I think is somehow related.

There's also a study, a play room, a parlor, a sitting room and a large kitchen with a walk-in pantry. Plus, the foyer is so big it houses a piano and the children's bicycles, rollerblades and doll strollers. I'm very excited about the piano. Both the daughters and the father play. I love hearing people play the piano; it reminds me of home and listening to Wendy.

new bathroomMy room is quite large with a nice bed and air conditioning (if I decide to use it.) The bathroom is really big and the shower stall is larger than the one at Flat 007. I new roomgot these lovely bubblegum colored sheets because they were the cheapest - and they were still more than I usually pay for nice sheets at home! Still need to find a pillow.

Outside, there is a large yard with a brick patio/driveway, a covered car park and a grassy lawn. Tall Doric columns support the car park and several other overhangs as well as the second floor above the front porch. A Doberman stays tied up near the back during the day while Skippy, a fluffly little dog, chases butterflies around the yard. Large trees stand on both sides of the high cement wall. At the entrance stands a foreboding metal gate. It's not quite as fancy as the driveway next door. That one is raised up like a draw-bridge and has to be let down when the right car approaches. But that house should have more security, the US ambassador to Nigeria lives there.

The family is Yoruba. I'm really excited about that, because that's the language I've been trying to learn. Dr. Y and most of the people at the office are also Yoruba, despite the fact that this area of the country is generally Hausa. So far I can only greet, say thank you, and introduce myself (and Dr. Y), but I'm working on more. I'll have to get the adorable little girls to practice with me. The father would like me to take them bowling and swimming sometimes. Oh, how awful. ;)

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MaryRuth said...

Now you are livin' large...with a real sit-down "terlit".