Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Boob Tube

I'm starting to really understand why I hate television.  Yes, I watch it.  But except for The Boondocks, I don't usually watch it on purpose.  I stare at it because it's on.

I Want My 2 Hours!
I hate how I can sit down to "see what's on" while I eat or do something else that prevents me from studying or moving around, and the next thing I know, BLAM, several hours have gone.  Where'd my day go?  And all those things I wanted to get done?

This is Your Life
But what I'm realizing I really don't like about television is how unhappy it makes me.  "What?"  You ask.  "How can television make you unhappy?"  It reminds me of all the things I'm not or all the things I can't do, instead of getting me excited about the things I can do.

Hannah Montana is on a lot here.  It's a cute show, and it makes it look like being a rock star is a lot of fun.  But I'm not a singer (of course, neither is she really), and I'm never going to be a rock star.  Chances are, I'm not going to have her giant room-sized closet either, or go to fancy superstar parties.  Earlier today there were movie previews for US films.  One film was about hip hop dancing.  I love dancing, I wish I could do it more.  But, I'm not going to be a great dancer.  Maybe, at some point in my life I could have been, but I'm getting old now and that possibility is over.  I'm not going to be the popular kid in high school, or the little rich girl who can buy anything she wants.  I'm not going to be a runway model, a top designer or an amazing chef.  And for anything I see that I could be or do, the couch and tv are not going to help me get there.

Why bother sitting in one place watching other people try to be things I'm not, instead of going out and doing the things I can do?

If I spend my afternoon playing with Dara and Feyi, then I am being a good "auntie" who's brightening their day just a little bit.  I'm not just watching a 'happy' family on tv.  If I sit down to research something in which I'm interested, then I am becoming that expert I want to be, not just watching others competing to be the 'expert' or 'the best'.  If I go for a walk or out to the park, then I am getting in shape, not just staring at people that are supposed to be attractive.  If I sew a new dress, then I am creating.  And most importantly, if I go out and meet people or do things with my friends, I'm building relationships instead of just watching other people's.

There are a few good shows, some things that might get me excited about a project or give me a new idea, but overall, the good isn't worth sifting through the bad.

I'm not going to spend my time watching other people's lives, I'm going to live my own.

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