Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Trip to Nashville

Today I walked to Nashville.  Nashville Park that is, with Stella, Dara and Feyi.   me, dara and feyi at the park

This "park" is just two blocks from our house.  It's a corner lot on two busy streets with a few trees and, mostly, overgrown grass.  We wanted to take our pictures with the sign, but we couldn't actually go next to the sign, because there could be snakes in the tall grass.  (Or Stella says; I'm not so sure about snakes in the capital city.)

After our walk to the park, we headed to Maitama Shops so Dara and Feyi could get some sweets.  dara and feyi with sweets and stella cropped The Shop is actually in the opposite direction as the park, but those girls really wanted their sweets, so we trekked over there.  I got some more jam for my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so it's all good.

The girls have those rollerskate-shoes and insisted on rolling down every semi-smooth pavement section.  Luckily for Stella and me, there aren't many of those.

With our little detour, our short walk turned into an hour excursion, and we all arrived home tired and thirsty but happy.

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