Sunday, September 14, 2008

Terror From Above

I was awoken in the middle of the night by something heavy landing on my chest.  A bit scared and unsure as to what was going on, I reached up to find out what had hit me. It felt like flesh, cold, clammy flesh!  My first thought was "it's a frog."

Terrified, I tried to grab it to throw it off of me.  It was too heavy.  dead handI felt it again, a hand!  In a half-awake stupor I began to panic.  Did some sort of dead hand just fall from the sky and land on me!?  Groping at this strange object, I found it was still attached to an arm. 

Then I realized it was my hand.  My right arm had fallen asleep and was completely numb from the shoulder down.  I couldn't feel my left hand touching my right one.  I had thought my right hand was lying next to my body on the bed.  Relived that severed body parts were not falling from above, I left my numb arm where it was and went back to sleep.

(image from Vampires in the Fog)


jess said...

oh big! you crack me up, and i am glad to hear it was your own hand! :)

Mom-me said...

meant to comment on this earlier - that's happened to me, too. This heavy thing falls on me - and when I try to move it, I realize it's my hand. Then I try to rub it to wake it up so that I can use it. This is really bad when it's the hand I try to turn the alarm off with and it doesn't respond, just clumps down on the radio!