Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shameless Plug for Donations

aidsAs you know, I'm currently in living in Nigeria.  You may also know that I previously spent a couple of years in Zambia.  Living in Africa makes one acutely aware of the impact of HIV and AIDS, but it is not just an African disease. 

In Middle Tennessee alone, there are over 300 new cases each year.  One out of every 250 Americans has HIV, only one out of 500 knows it.  While our infection rate is not nearly as staggering as the one out of 5 in Zambia, it is still devastating.  The fastest growing rate of infection is in African-American women; young people and people of color remain the most at-risk groups.  This is why Vanderbilt's Black Law Student Association (BLSA)participates in the Nashville CARES AIDS Walk.

Last year (see p. 3), BLSA and the Vanderbilt Bar Association (VBA) challenged the Law School student organizations to participate in the AIDS Walk.  Because of the great participation in this challenge, the Law School became the third highest fund-raiser participant in the Walk.  We're out to do it again!

Please support Team BLSA.  You can support any of the real walkers on our team page, or support me as a virtual walker.  Either way, any little bit will help; pennies do add up!

Donate Here

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