Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The US Presidential Election Live from Nigeria

I can't actually live blog because the internet connection comes and goes, but here's my pseudo-live blog.

9:35pm local time - Daddy Bunny and I are at the US Embassy sponsored Election Watch at the Cultural Center in Abuja, Nigeria.  We arrived almost 4 hours ago.   There was a mock election for non-US citizens.  The results will be announced later.  There is also a photo-op corner with cardboard cutouts of McCain and Obama.  The Obama one has been in the center of the re carpet most of the night; The McCain one has been standing in the corner.

I'm a nervous wreck, hence Daddy Bunny being here.  Luckily, some of my friends have been around to cause diversion and introduce me to more people.  For awhile I was just sitting and watching the screens, but that was getting me too many phone numbers from random people who would sit down next to me.

We have three big screens, currently showing BBC, CNN and NTA.  The NTA screen was earlier showing Aljabeezer.  The sound goes with whichever screen is providing election coverage at the time.  It provides us with a neat global perspective on the elections.


10:02pm local time - First polls close in about 2 hours!  The mock election poll already closed.  Only Nigerian's voted - 500 ballots.  McCain received 24 votes.  When that was announced people clapped and yelled "who voted for them?"  Obama got 432 votes.  More cheering, very loud.  The announcer couldn't go on for awhile.  Other contestants had 5 votes split.  Again, questions from the crowd of "who voted for them?"  Time for more Jeopardy.

CNN keeps showing a weather map and I can't figure out if the temperatures are in C or F.  20 C seems far too hot for WI in November, but 30F seems too cold for FL!




Melissa said...

It is 70 degress today in Wisconsin... so 20C is RIGHT :)

Jeannie said...

I was going to say that, melissa!