Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The US Presidential Election Live from Nigeria Pt. 2

11:21pm local time - Still over half an hour until the first returns come out.  I've been mingling around here, meeting senators and people from all sorts of embassies.  That's been pretty cool!  I also had my picture taken with the Obama cardboard cutout.  That was just too good to pass up.

Based on the quiz games that were going on earlier, the Nigerians here no more about American politics and the American political system than most Americans.  NTA was broadcasting the quiz game close-to-live.  There was about a 30 second delay, which made it pretty funny to watch on the big screen and hear behind me. 


Wendy said...

Are you going to pull an all nighter staying up till the very end?

goldenrail said...

Depends on how tired Daddy Bunny gets.