Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He Won, Accept It

Ok, this just really pisses me off!  A former assistant state attorney has filed a law suit alleging that Obama is not qualified to become President because he is not a natural born citizen.  Alan Keyes filed a related suit in California.

Really, people?  The country overwhelming selects this guy to be our next President and you're so bitter about it that this is how you decide to try to fight it?  Apparently, the suit alleges that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii.  All the stuff I've seen says Hawaii, but then, I haven't seen any birth certificates.  I think it's extremely unfair that this is all coming up after Obama's grandmother passed away, especially since on of the "arguments" in the suit is that there aren't any witnesses alive to verify where he was born.

According to many news specials and Obama's books, Obama's parents met in Hawaii when his father was studying there.  I find it difficult to believe that a young American woman would choose to travel to Africa to have a baby, especially in the 1960s.  Additionally, all accounts I've heard say that Obama only saw his father for a few months when he was 10, nothing about him being around when Obama was born.  If Obama was born in Kenya, his father would have been around.  How about talking to his relatives in Kenya, and asking them if he was born there?

Most of the arguments outlined in the brief report about the suit seem very nit-picky.  They also seem to attack his international upbringing, which many see as one of his best attributes going into the Presidency.

I'm so angry about this, but I refuse to believe this can succeed.  Not after everything the country's been through.  God would not let all our hopes and dreams be taken away like that.  So that means in the grand scheme of things this suit must really have a different purpose.  Maybe it will cause Congress to amend the Constitution and open the door for Arnold to run someday. ;)  Hey, gotta stay positive.


Wendy said...

A lawsuit like this was file somewhere in New England before the election and the judge refused to listen to it. Also the Hawaii birth certificate has been look at by the powers that be in Hawaii and they say it is authentic. So pretty much these lawsuits are ridiculous because this has already been done.

Wendy said...