Saturday, November 8, 2008

"We're Sorry, This Video is No Longer Available"


It's often seen, and it may be on it's way out!

I know this seems like the type of topic that should be on the IP blog, but I thought my readers here might be interested in it.

YouTube and MySpace are embarking on a new experiment that will approach pirated videos differently.  Instead of sending a DMCA Take-Down Notice that results in removal of the video, the rights holders involved in the experiment will allow the companies to put advertisements over the video, and the revenue from the ads will go to the proper rights owners.  Users win - still get to see videos.  Rights owners win - still get compensated for their work.

Detailed info available from Reuters.


munckinhead said...

ohhhh, that explains y i get ads on some videos and not on others! but there are still some that are taken down due to copyright, is that the same thing?

goldenrail said...

As I understand it, only certain companies are involved in the experiment (I think only MTV-related companies) so videos with a different copyright owner may still be removed for copyright infringement. If the experiment goes well, other rights owners may join in the program.