Friday, November 21, 2008

Grey is Better than Blue (Screen of Death)

I hope my computer makes it until it's time to go home.  It's starting to resemble Russell's!

For those of you who didn't go to Vandy any of the past 7 years, this is Russell: (that white strap on his head is swim goggles)

Russell and Shaina cropped

By the end of his last year of law school, Russell's computer was on it's last leg.  The front part, where you rest your hands to type, was covered in graffiti'd duct tape.  The power cord was held together with electrical tape, and the screen... well, the screen had to be propped up with a nice fat law book.  A few not-so-nice friends liked to walk past and grab the book occasionally.  Bam, the screen would slam to the table, the laptop completely open face, like a fancy sandwich.  Well, sometimes.  Usually, Russell caught it in time.  But his computer certainly was the source of great derision on Main Street (the main hallway where many of us sit to study and mingle.)

My computer's not quite as bad as Russell's, yet, but I'm starting to worry.  My power cord that had electrical tape to cover the broken casing got fried a month ago or so.  The other one's still holding up fine. 

My screen, however, is driving me crazy.  It keeps going grey so that it looks like it has some sort of cloudy film over it.  For awhile I could jiggle the computer and get the screen back to normal.  Then, I was able to push on the plastic below the screen and get it to snap the color back in place.  But now, now it only gives me the right color if I squeeze the plastic at the top of the screen tight.  When I let go, it goes back to grey.  At least I know what to do when I need to check the colors of something.

And then there's my speakers.  I have to jiggle the wires, pull them, push them, turn them.  I tried finding a good spot and taping the wires in that position, but I don't have tape and those "I Support VFW" stickers aren't very sticky.  I think the little speakers may go in the trash instead of home with me.  They've lasted a long time, still have beans inside of them from Zambia.  It's true!  I can hear the beans when I shake the speakers.

Oh well, even if my computer does end up like Russell's, at least I have better taste in formal footwear!

Barristers Ball 020

(Russell's on the right, Mr. Trizzle's on the left.)


MaryRuth said...

maybe Santa will bring you a nice, shiny Mac!
(no blue screens there!) ;)

goldenrail said...

The only way I will ever accept a Mac is if there's a marriage proposal conditioned on my doing so.

Jeannie said...

yeah, and Santa can't afford one, either.