Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The US Presidential Election Live from Nigeria Pt. 9

4:31am local time - It bothers me that 150 years later, we're still talking about Confederate and Union States.  Yet, we're doing it because there's a reason.  As ICP says, "stood for slavery; stood for war; stood for hatred; but go ahead and hang your d*** flag up some more!"

There's some fat white guy in a red tie on CNN that keeps saying "I hope he keeps us safe" about Obama.  Apparently, he doesn't realize that the reason we weren't (aren't?) safe is because people hate us, or at the very least, don't respect us.  If we get a leader people respect, that will do 100x more than any tanks and weapons of mass destruction.

One of my friend's im status has a great saying on it:

Rosa Parks sat so Martin could walk.  Martin walked so Obama could run.  Obama is running so we can FLY!!!!

NTA is showing live feed of our Obama cut-out right now.  And people sleeping.  The crowd rallied a bit to clap for Virginia being projected as Obama's, by FOX?!  There's a guy here being interviewed on NTA that looks like one of the professors at Vandy.

I'm shocked the polls in Cali close at.... oh wait, it's about to be 8pm there.  It's 5 here, not there.

The BBC is talking to some black people somewhere (I missed where they are) and they are sure that Obama has won.  They are talking about what it means for the world and for America.  "It's not just one person running things."  Because white people are one person....  The white people the newsman talked to next seemed just as excited and sure Obama will win.

The fat guy's back on CNN.  He's still going on about great McCain is.  I agree.  McCain is an amazing man and has done a lot for the country.  But, there's something about the way he's saying it that irks me.  NTA was just showing live feed of our BBC screen's projected numbers.  That's like - oh, they're doing it again.  Anyway, it's like when I was little and used to take pictures of the tv, or of my mommy taking pictures of me.

Wow!  Obama got Virginia!  The South gets another blue!  First VA Dem since 1964.  People here perked up a bit with this news, but no more clapping and cheering.  A lot of bobbing heads.

4:59am local time - CNN just projected Obama the winner.  Now the room is full of cheering and clapping again.  So loud I can't hear the tv at all.  They have him projected with 297.  People are dancing with the Obama cut-out.  Standing, yelling, pumping fists and hopping in the aisles.  I wonder if people will leave....  No one's asleep anymore.

The really funny thing is, the Americans (many of whom are known Obama supporters) are all just sitting quietly, smiling in the back of the room.  Me included.  Of course, I can't type and hop.

The cheering is still going on.  It's been 3 minutes.  My friend from the Embassy is taking pictures.  That's a good idea!  People are making phone calls and yelling into the phone.


Jeannie said...

yes - Obama is projected the winner - Got CA, OR, WA and VA. Hope it's not a "Dewey wins"

MaryRuth said...

yahoo! I don't have to move to canada! This is going to be great. I feel clean again.
The fat guy is William Bennett.