Wednesday, November 5, 2008

These are Not Americans

[a Repost to add a photo.]

But they are Obamacans.

at 4:59am, CNN announced that they project Obama to have won the Presidential Election.  And the crowd is still cheering.  Waving American Flags.  Dancing with Obama.  Picking up anything red, white and blue that they can find.


[I still can't get the video uploaded, maybe in December.]


5:18 am local time - it finally quieted down a bit to hear Tracy Chapman on BBC.  Now it's McCain's speech.  I really do feel kinda bad for him.  He's a good guy.  But that Palin is nuts!  McCain just said he congratulated Obama, and the room went nuts again.  I think he is being very gracious.  The crowd seems to agree, they are cheering him a bit too now, especially when he mentioned African-Americans.  He says this election proves that we are no longer the nation of bigetry we once were.  I don't know if I can agree, yet.  Let him serve 4 years, and then maybe I'll believe it.

But I do like McCain's speech and I think it regains a lot of the dignity his campaign people cost him.  And I don't think he should feel like he failed.  I can't tell what the McCain supporters are chanting.

And for those that are curious, I told work I'm not coming in tomorrow.

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