Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The US Presidential Election Live from Nigeria Pt. 6

1:18am local time - OK, the hologram correspondent on CNN is freaky!  I'd rather have Arnold Rimmer reporting.  At least his H doesn't look radioactive.

Wow.  It's nighttime, in Chicago, in November, and people are wearing short sleeves!   Anyone still not believe in global warming?

I just realized, in a month and a week, I'll be doing something very similar, probably wearing the exact same thing.  Except I'll be sitting awake on an airplane all night instead of in a conference hall.  And by then, hopefully, we'll know who the next President is.

1:30am local time - We've switched to BBC audio.  I think I like listening to a group of people talking around a table better than watching the guys on CNN play with their new technology.  I can look at all those details myself on line.

And as I say that, we switch back to CNN audio. :(

It's really weird how the states seem like just places on a map when you don't know anything about them.  I wonder if Nigerian's looking at the US map and state's reports feel like I feel when I look at Nigeria's map or read about its states.  But as the results come in from states I know, states I drive through regularly, or have been to on vacation, it's so different.  They're very real.

1:45am local time - The Nigerian in charge of changing the audio has just been demoted and replaced because he left CNN's audio on during commercials too many times.  I might actually like it if we get more audio variety.  Of course, right now all we can here is screaming people in Chicago at Grant Park.  Sounds like a Beatles concert.

1:54am local time - BBC's giving McCain South Carolina.  That's 16 to 3.  Doesn't look like the other channel have made predictions yet.  We're back on NTA, which is showing video of here from earlier, people eating dinner and the Ambassador's speech.  I was here for it, but I have no idea what she was saying.  I was too nervous and entranced by the moving pictures behind her.  She did have a nice suit and a cool tie though.

CNN has S. Carolina projected for McCain, even though he's showing 10% below Obama.  How does that work?  And on NTA, we have ostriches....

2:00am local time - CNN's making lots of calls now, even though there's very low amounts of precincts reporting so far.  BBC a well; now has Obama up 24 to 16.  And the room busted into cheers and applause.  I'm not quite sure why.  It suddently got very lively.  Ah, CNN has Obama up 77 to 34.  They are all repeating how the numbers have changed and getting very excited about the predicted lead.


Wendy said...

I was wondering the same thing about S. Carolina. I have all of the major networks (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, & CNN) open in tabs so I can compare thier maps.

Wendy said...

Oh, and I'm wearing my Ace Rimmer shirt today (under my Vanderbilt Law hoodie) :)

munckinhead said...

is ti sad that im getting my info form you on this when there are tvs showing results around campus and im on a computer.
its more fun this way :-P
when it gets closer ill go watch a tv

Jeannie said...

KY and TN went to McCain - GR and Munchkinhead have to leave those states!

MaryRuth said...

GR--this is awesome! I really am enjoying your play-by-play commentary. I just got back from voting...no hassles, just walked right in. My BF had to threaten to call the county this morning when he was at the polling place. Some knucklehead poll worker had his car parked right in front of the place--covered in McCain signs! Had to move the car.
Well, I better go do my duty and at least turn on the tee-vee for a bit. I'll check back for your updates though!

goldenrail said...

MR, glad you are enjoying it! It's helping me stay awake, too.

Mommy - GR and munchkinhead voted in Wisconsin!

Munchkinhead - whatever you like best!

Wendy - It's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer....