Friday, November 28, 2008

Part of Me's Missing

I used to tease Mr. Trizzle about attached he is to his computer.  The man hardly goes anywhere without his laptop.  He takes it to bed with him, to meals, to work where he already has a computer.  In fact, I have a photo of him sitting in a hotel room on one of our trips to Cali with his laptop on his lap that I titled "Man and his Best Friend."

But now that my laptop's broken, I'm bored and lonely.  No morning "good-nights" to my friends and family.  No late night chats with people on their lunch breaks.  No falling asleep to "The militia is going to Brighton and I do so want Papa to take us all there for the summer."

My whole routine is shot.  Usually, I down stairs after dinner and take care of my emails, see what's new in the bubbler-less world of So Cal, check out the newest rich white folk gossip, check to see if anyone else has updated (usually not), and then head over to Ip's What's Up to check the sidebar for all the latest IP news.  I spend the rest of the evening chatting, playing Freecell, and working on some sort of project - a blog past, a video, a collage, maybe some online Christmas shopping.

Anybody who's spent any time with me know I'm always creating something.  If I had a sewing machine, I'd probably miss my laptop less.  I have books, and I like reading, but reading someone else's stuff without being able to write my own just isn't as fun.  I have my journal, and that's good.  I can handwrite some of the projects I would have done on the computer - but, I can't use my journal to do the research necessary for a good Ip's post.

I just spotted an army man, a small Nigerian flag and a blue plastic circle.  That could keep me entertained for awhile.  Bye!


Jeannie said...

Are you going to have "Pride and Prejudice" memorized like 'House of Yes"? (Or do you already...)If you typed that blindly, you are doing pretty well!

goldenrail said...

Mommy: I'm not typing blindly! Just trying to post blindly. I can type at work with the external monitor, but there's no internet at work.
I probably have most of the abridged version of P&P memorized. The full-length version, I only have the first half of (that will be fixed when I get home).

RandomlySane said...

Sorry chica! And I think it's hilarious that you call him Mr. Trizzle! for P&P...sigh, there are no book EVER!!

goldenrail said...

RS: I have to agree, P&P is by far the best book ever! Mr. Trizzle's online id is actually Dtrizzle, so I just adapted it slightly to make it friendlier.

MaryRuth said...

Not too much to report on from SoCal anyway, so you're not missing much. Just boring home improvements.