Saturday, November 22, 2008

If You Don't Want Your Mommy to Find Out...

Don't put it on the internetThe CoConspirators

Well, it seems that while I was upstairs playing with Dara and   Feyi, Daddy Bunny helped Foo Foo guest post on my blog. Hmmm...  (It must have taken him a long time to type that with his little paws.)

Now, of course I was a bit upset to learn they had taken this little adventure.  What would I tell Munchkinhead if FooFoo got hit by a car!?  And what would I do without Daddy Bunny!?  I sternly told them that I would prefer if they asked me to take them somewhere rather than running around Africa by themselves; I worry about them and want them to stay safe.  However, I did not punish them.

Why?  Because I remember one time when I went off on an adventure with my sisters.  We went to buy Daddy a Father's Day present when Mommy and Daddy were gone.  Mommy and Daddy got home before us and were very very worried about what had happened to us.  They started walking all over the city trying to find us.  I still don't think we did anything that bad because we left them notes and cleaned up before we left.  How were we supposed to know they didn't take a key?  But, boy did we get in trouble!

To this day, when I'm out having fun on my own, I worry that I'm going to get in trouble for it later.  So I didn't yell at Daddy Bunny and Foo Foo; they're not in trouble.  If Munchkinhead wants to punish Foo Foo when he gets home next month, that will be up to her.

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