Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the Winner Speaks

5:57am local time - Ever seen a room give a standing ovation to someone on tv?  That's what just happened here when Obama came out to speak in Chicago.  And standing the tallest, the Obama cut-out being hoisted high in the air by that guy that looks like a Vandy professor.

Someone pinch me.  If it weren't for the searing pain in my side (I have no idea why), I'd think I'm dreaming.

Every channel is showing the same speech, but BBC doesn't line up with the other two.  Of course, the other two are exactly the same, so I don't know which is delayed.  They all say live.   Ok, I don't understand why all the Nigerian's cheered so loudly when Obama said "and we always will be the United States of America."

He is right; McCain was very gracious, and I like that Obama is paying McCain the regard he is due.  Aww... the puppy thing is cute.  It is really sad that Obama's grandma came so close to seeing this and then just missed it.  I was surprised when I picked up the paper today and saw on the front page that she had passed away.

I agree, "the best political campaign in the history of the United States of America."  And now, it can stop emailing me 3x a day for donations.  My magnet better be at home when I get there in December!

I wish I could look at Obama without seeing JFK, could look at Malia and Sasha without seeing John Jr. saluting in his little blue pea coat.  I'm just as nervous and shake-y as I was this morning.  And I knew I would be.  I knew no matter the outcome, I'd still be scared, but for different reasons.

I find it very funny that people in this corrupt-vampire country can cheer so loudly for American ideals when Obama shouts them.  Wow, 106 years old.  I wish they'd stop showing people in the audience crying.  It makes it harder for me not to cry.  ... or impossible.

The speech is over, another standing ovation here in Nigeria.


MaryRuth said...

Its OK to cry! Tears of joy!
The people surrounding the White House is really crazy...all they need is some pitchforks and torches, eh?!
Did you hear all the boos and catcalls during McCain's speech, when he mentioned Obama?? When Obama mentioned McCain though, there was polite applause, not lots, but not boos either. That's the difference between us and them.
Well, a new day dawns, and I'm ready for it!
Take care and get some sleep!

goldenrail said...

MR, I have to disagree with you. There is no us and them; we are all Americans. It's much easier to clap politely and be gracious when you're on the winning side.

Jeannie said...

I'm also afraid and see JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK, Jr. I hope we don't revert to the 60's in those repsects. Hopefully, security is much tighter now. I thought McCain's speech was well done, and that he handled the 'boo-ers' very nicely. Unfortunately, I didn't stay up to hear Obama's speech. I know traffic in Chicago is crazy - but it seemed to take him 3 hours to get to the park from when they first announced he was leaving his home.