Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday, November Fourth

This is probably the most historic day of my life, of many of our lives, depending on how young we are. I'm sure there's election stuff on plenty of blogs. That's nice. I have something more important, something else momentous: Mommy's out of teenagers!

Happy Birthday Munchkinhead!!!
(Pictures aren't working; I'll fix it later)
Part Pirate,

Part Vampire,

All Fun!

I love you little munchkinhead. Happy Second 19th Birthday ;)

P.S. And a special birthday shout out to Ba Tim!


munckinhead said...

thats a meee-a!! lol ^>^
im sending you some pic from halloween

munckinhead said...

btw thank you for the flowers!
"munchki nhead" (thats what it says on the envelope)