Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The US Presidential Election Live from Nigeria Pt. 4

Midnight, November 5th - NTA is showing election watching parties from around the country.  Looks like a lot of kids are up way past their bedtimes.  People think taxes are going up no matter who wins, yet the economy was the biggest issue.  What do you link of that Mr. ToughMoneyLove?

I'm surprised how many people are still here, mostly Nigerian.  Some of the American Embassy people actually have to be here all night, but that's good.  That means I have at least one friend to keep me company :)  (or vice versa).

The NTA screen has switched back to Aljazeera.  I sort of wish sound was on that one because they're doing perspectives from all over the world, but we've got CNN audio.  It's still a little different than what people at home have because it's CNN International.

Keep getting reports about voters giving up and leaving line.  NOOOO!!!! Don't go.  In Zambia, we often had to wait 4 or 5 hours for our transport to leave, or other things that aren't nearly as important as voting.  It makes me so sad to hear that people have turned and left. :(


12:22am local time - Aljazeera is interviewing people in a bowling alley.  Makes me really home sick; I love bowling!

Looks like Kentucky is going McCain - but of course, that doesn't surprise anyone.


12:30am local time - got access to an outlet (thank you Mr. Embassy-Man!) and some veggie samosas, yum.  The room is still pretty full and poll results are starting to come in.  People here (the Nigerians) seem really surprised that McCain is getting any states.  That bothers me.  It's like they think he's evil or something.  Whether or not you agree with his policies, you have to admit he's served our country with dedication for a long time.  He deserves respect for that, even if you don't want to give him your vote.  I actually feel bad for him, watching his speeches.  He seems like a really good guy.

The bathrooms here are really nice.  I was surprised.  There's tissue, soap, and even lotion!

12:38am local time - biggest cockroach I've seen in Nigeria just crawled past me.  Not in Africa, just in Nigeria; only about the size of my thumb.  I was going to get more samosas, but the line is resembling a line at the polls.  Some of the Nigerians are chasing down the giant cockroach now.  fun.

Kentucky moving more towards McCain.  Indian still showing Obama but the gap is closing.  There's a report that race doesn't matter for 90% of candidates.  I think that it's sad it matters for anyone, let alone 10%.  I wonder how it influences them.  Are they specifically for one race?  Or specifically against another?


Mr. ToughMoneyLove said...

It is no surprise that your Nigerian friends are pro-Obama. Everyone is looking for a new friend until they find out that the new friend is the same as the old friend.

goldenrail said...

Or until they find out he doesn't play by African rules of "taking care of your people."