Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The US Presidential Election Live from Nigeria Pt. 8

3:21am local time - I stopped paying attention for a bit to read a letter from Zambia (thanks for scanning it Mommy!); let's see where we're at.  Looks like not much has changed despite the updates everyone's im'ing me.

The room's a little bit emptier. Only a handful of people standing now.  Some people are sleeping in their chairs.  I didn't think of it before, but I'm glad the chairs are padded.  That's kinda unusual here.  Of course, so is this awesome free wifi!

Lots of cheering and whistling again, though I couldn't really tell why.

3:57am local time (sorry for the long break, was talking to important people) - McCain cut-out was folded up and carried out in a plastic bag.  Sorry, munchkinhead, can't do anything with him anymore.

CNN is talking about the diversity of Obama's supporters.  I like that.  It says "unity" better than anything else can.  Showing Obama 206 to 89 on CNN, 200 to 130 on BBC.  I can't believe so much of the South went red.  Why ain't ATL reppin'?!

Aljazeera is interviewing Jesse Jackson.  That's probably interesting.  And they have "breaking news" that MT is too close to call.  How is that breaking news?  BBC has way more McCain votes than CNN.  Why?  And why does this guy in NM that they're talking to look so mad?  I'm just full of questions!

I hope Mississippi goes Obama.  McCain can't have the whole South.  It'll completely disenfranchise an entire new generation of voters!  Ok, maybe just dissuade.

I like that the Senate races aren't necessarily following the President race party-wise.  The system of checks and balances doesn't work without a balance.

Doesn't look like many more people have left.  I suppose if you've made it this long, might as well stay.  The BBC has a former US Ambassador to the UN on it right now.  He kinda looks like a grey version of that thing that sweeps away the path in Disney's Alice and Wonderland.  I think he was talking about badly biased media in the US, but I couldn't really hear.

CNN is looking at Latino voters, which is very interesting because of the black-brown racism that was often brought up as an issue early in the election.  Obama got more Latino votes than McCain.  Even Bush had more Latino votes than McCain (percentage-wise).

4:19am local time - Darn it, the only thing not red in the South is Florida.  Senate seats are very close to the magic 60 for the Dems.  That makes me nervous.  I don't want a single party government.

The numbers for both candidates now match on BBC and CNN.  Aljazeera is talking to someone in a navy suit with a red tie.  That could be anyone.  Now they're in Chicago at Obama's rally.  The IL Sec. of State (or something like that) is either not good in front of cameras or had a very scripted answer about how great Obama will be.

There haven't been any cheers in awhile; I guess there haven't been any new numbers in awhile.


Wendy said...

MT is traditional red, that is why a "too close to call MT" is breaking news. Same with CO.

MaryRuth said...

I sure hope you don't have to go to work tomorrow!

Jeannie said...

I wish more new states reporting in would be blue - at least the ones that are going red don't have that many electoral votes.